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Dr. Hamilton Russell, MD
Hamilton Russell Jr. is a surgeon who works with Millstone Medical in Greenville, SC. He attended Medical University of South Carolina and graduated with Honors for a M.D. degree in 1967. He specializes in General, Laparoscopic, Thoracic, and Oncologic surgeries. He is certified by the American Board of Surgery, and the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers as a Vascular Technologist. He has held the office of President of Medical Staff at the Greenville Hospital System in 1991, Board of Trustees Bon Scours at St. Francis Heath System in 2003, and President of SC surgical Society in 1990. He is currently doing Independent Medical Exams in our office. He is an excellent addition to our office!
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Dr. Bob Moss
Bob Moss is a clinical psychologist who works with Millstone Medical in Greenville, SC. He is board certified in clinical psychology and neurophysiology. He is a former associate professor in clinical psychology and was in private practice for over 20 years. He has authored 44 professional articles and has presented at a number of professional meetings. He is currently doing psych exams and psychological evaluations for patients who have had head trauma.Click Here To View Dr. Moss' Credentials
Dr. Yashbir Rana M.D.
Millstone is proud to announce that Dr. Yashbir Rana M.D. has joined our practice. He will be doing our IME (Independent Medical Exams) as well as minor outpatient surgeries. He also serves as a physician in the ER at Greenville Memorial Hospital. Dr. Rana enjoys playing tennis and golf in his spare time.

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Dr. Alan Peabody M.D.
Alan is a graduate from George Town Medical University 1963. He has a background in dialysis and specializes in nephrology and general practitioner.
Dr. Dan Gilbert D.C. - Dr Gilbert is our NCV and EMG specialist. Based out of Charlotte, NC; he travels down once a week to perform these tests for patients that need them.